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  1. @luismiguelgod I remember her testifying a few years ago about her vocal cords being damaged. At some point she had completely lost her voice and if I'm not mistaken, the doctors said she might never preach again… but she was healed. Fantasia had the same thing happen to her where she had to have surgery. They are two people who are known for yelling, so that does make sense what you say. But that is how they express themselves. As far as order in church, well that's a whole other story…

  2. @SalesLeadSecrets – um… I suggest that you repent. You know what you said was wrong. Sorry everybody can't be as perfect and meek and feminine and quiet spirited as you your highness….. Can i ask what YOU are doing to uphold the body of christ? She's preaching her heart out trying to help people and you want to talk about her in a nasty way. Is that something you think God likes?

  3. God's opinion of wealth – a full supply to do what He asks u to do & nthing of this rthly realm having a hold on ur heart – a liquid flow. Love of money is the root of all evil – somthing u love u will begrudge parting with. Who r we to judge the God's favor on someone else? Seek first the kingdom & all these things will be added – God adds, devil robs. Paul was no false prophet-giving & recving. Wealth is a spiritual state, not provable by a bank acct balance. There's power in the gospel

  4. There are many Scriptures that do provide a very clear picture of God's opinion of wealth, when we make up our own mind on one side or the other we get into man's doctrine that denies the power. I agree there are plenty of greedy Christian and preachers that preach even from wrong motives – that is addressed by Paul too – however, I don't defend or refute what preachers preach, I look to the Word for my answers. You wouldn't look at me and think me wealthy necessarily – no big bank acct

  5. To start, what I say doesn't have any significance whatsoever. What God says sure does. If you are wondering if God wants His children rich or not just ask a Jew! They are the children of Abraham and they know all about the blessing of Abraham, Paul says that through Jesus the blessing of Abraham came on the Gentiles. When you read the Bible there is no way around the topic of wealth and God's desire for His children to be fully supplied to give to every good work. Stick with what God says!

  6. All you people who say these comments , God will deal with you on judgment day , cause yu are passing unrighteous comments to a prophet , and trying to tear down the body of Christ . Did not the prophetic word she spoke get fufilled , i hope God has mercy on you .

  7. wow demonic teaching. Straight from the pits of hell. money!? Prosperity!? Run people, Run fast from this type of teaching! "Do not store for yourself treasures on this earth, but store riches in heaven". Jesus wore sandals and relied on his Father for all his meager provisions and he was content. NOW He sits on the right hand of the Father on a throne of gold. Praise break to that!! Jesus would have bitch slapped Jaunita..and you know it.

  8. wow! she had me up until she said that GOD's mouth needed to be filled with money…. Whats GOD going to do with money? The last time the Hebrews made a golden calf, a GOD that was made out of money GOD threatened to leave them. Why can't they just trust GOD! Why can't they just trust GOD, and let GOD do what he is going to do. GOD does'nt need money! "The love of money is the root of all evil!"-

  9. What a shame for Christianity. What is this shouting woman doing? Nobody will listen to a broke preacher? Lord Jesus said: "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head."

    And Peter said: "Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk."

  10. If somebody that talks about money is a lover of money then I guess God is. When you read the Bible HE talks about it alot. From the people i've been around and what I've seen money is a tool and God put it on the earth for His children to use to spread the gospel. I'm sure Abraham is in heaven and he was VERY RICH in cattle, gold, silver – God recorded it, not me.

  11. nobody said anythinq, ahbout money bruh; &ndd thee bible also says that.. God loves a cheerful giver' &ndd to give ahh tenth of your earninqs.. in order to get ahh blessinq from God, you have to bless God.

    &ndd isaid you outta place, becuhz you said she looks like ahh man.. watch what you say. "thee bible also says dont touch my anointed". so dont put your mouth on God's people..

  12. people are so stupid they make it seem like u cant admire no preacher yes we look to god but why cant i admire juantia she inspires me to go after god i like what i see in her life i want what she got and if i go after god like she did ill get what she got.she teaches how to love god people in the world have role models bit the chucrh cant thats stupid


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