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Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.



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Comment (39)

  1. Please pray my daughter will be convicted and delivered. She is getting involved with new age beliefs and told me I can no longer speak of God and Christianity to her because they don’t exist. We used to be very close but she has shut me out.

  2. Please pray for my son who his entire life has only been trying so hard taking care of his family , since 2020 has no job …then wife us diagnosed with cancer …hevus now trying to set up a business For himself , working on project endlessly …..he is worn out …Jesus please take control in his life answer His request , fulfill the desire of his heart . THANJ you and Amen .

  3. Please continue praying for my niece's APPSCC (Mains) Examination 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th Please remember her in your prayers so that she will be able to remember and write excellently, be successful and glorify God's name. Thank you so much. God bless you all. ❤️❤️

  4. Our children are our greatest resource and why each country should have a Special Attention Party that pays special attention to our young just like ants do so each ant becomes a productive citizen in the colony. Proverbs 6:6 – go the the ant and consider her ways.

  5. Hello Joyce, a miracle that i found this prayer you put together as the Lord spoke through you. Im not a mother unfortunately but i needed this for my friend to ease her pain. Thank you

  6. Pray for me I'm under attack of witchcraft there following me on my phone I'm on here to pray and For No reason honestly God does know nothing I did Never even met this person there after me so pray against ALL witchcraft on me Satan is seemly after me .so pray for me my families safety If there's a preacher out there remember me daily in this specific prayer .amen

  7. Praise the Lord. Thank you Joyce Meyer. Please continue to pray with me for my grandson be has been though some hard times. No one has heard from him since June we need to know that he is ok. And if there is anything we can do to help him.

  8. Praise God ,satan has no place and authority on our children in the name of Jesus my children and all other children are filled with the love of Jesus anointed by jesus and set free,thank you Abba Father, hallelujah


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