Joy in the Journey: 40 Years in Ministry | Joyce Meyer

In 1976, when God spoke to Joyce’s heart that she would someday have “a large teaching tape ministry,” she could have only imagined what would happen over the next four decades.

From a Bible study in their home…to airing on a few local radio stations…to eventually reaching a potential audience of two-thirds of the world through the Enjoying Everyday Life TV program, Dave and Joyce have watched the Lord use their ministry to bring help and healing to millions, including missions outreaches that now span the globe.

They recently sat down to discuss ministry milestones, funny moments, how it all began, and the incredible things the Lord has done all along the way.

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  1. God bless Joyce and David Ministry is very successful and enduring to the end because they have both this gift that kept the ministry going. David behind close door has done more without a doubt, his obedience by acknowledging God that He Dave gave the wisdom and the brain to help run this God’s ministry .
    It’s refreshing to see a husband like Dave who is supportive of his wife gifts . With out a husband like Dave I believe Joyce won’t this ministry. A true partnership. Glory be to God!!!!

  2. plz pray for my relationship with tejas pawar… 4 years ka relationship tha wo thode ladai ke reason leke chodke chala gaya plz pray for him wo vapas aa jaye mere pass plzzz.. or shadi ho jaye plzz pray for him

  3. I love how Joyce openly speaks about the hurdles she went through as she grew up. I believe she has helped many who are embarrassed about their past. Watching from Kenya, God bless.

  4. I would like to hear Joyce's view about a woman preaching God's word. Many say women are not allowed to preach but here's you and I admire you as a preacher of the Word. Please air your opinion regarding women preaching God's word. More power!

  5. ….and God said you can have unlimited amounts of money from poor naiive misguided people who will blindly just keep giving it to you so you can build more mansions than you can live in and ………..

  6. Joy: How often do you and your husband, David, have marital relations? How many biologically proven children do you have together? Are you all willing to take public buccal swabs? Interesting that your husband is nearly silent. No, David, nothing has EVER looked suspicious. Even after one of your employees killed his wife and children.

  7. I absolutely love you Joyce and i want to thank you for being you and i am so hppy you answered the Lord Jesus's call on your life…you are one of the biggest and best reasons that i have learned and am still learning to be a good woman of the Lord and i am nof where i am meant to be but i am not where i once was…I am grateful and thankful….God Bless you and your Family. I will forever love you…Hugs………


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