Joseph Prince – Wisdom—How To Rightly Divide The Word – 12 Mar 2014

Learn how you can read the Bible with understanding and accurately interpret the scriptures today! Join Joseph Prince in a panoramic view of the Bible as he shows you how an understanding of God’s overarching plan for the Jews, Gentiles, and the church is critical to rightly dividing the Word. See God’s plans and purposes for these three groups, and know where you are today in God’s timeline. Also, begin to understand difficult Bible passages as you learn who they are actually written to, at which point in time, and why. This is one Bible study you won’t want to miss!

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Comment (23)

  1. I have found joy and peace in my life, I was born and raised in church but I did not fully understand grace until I listened to pastor Joseph prince. May our Father richly Bless you and your family as we are blessed to you.

  2. Pastor Prince, you and your family are always in my prayers! May God bless you and your family. I began watching your ministry after the Lord woke me one night and I turned on my TV and was flipping channels. I paused on your program and then continued flipping channels when I heard a voice say "no, go back." I went back and listened to your teaching on grace.  It was as if that message was just for me! For I had recently been "born again" and had a deep feeling of unworthiness. When I heard your message, I truly began to understand the fullness of Gods love for us through Christ Jesus! You have truly been a blessing in my life! To God be the Glory!!

  3. Am always blessed when ever i listen to your teachings and i have known my position in Christ through your teaching.may the lord add you more years of preaching and teaching the world

  4. I never miss your sermons .Thank you for Spreading The Word Of Yahweh ,after every sermon I feel so filled with The Light of Yahshua . Your My favorite Preacher of all time .Keep up the good Messages .Bless you and your Family .


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