Joseph Prince – When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – 11 Oct 2015

Disappointments, frustrations, closed doors, difficult colleagues…or just finding yourself behind a slow driver every time you drive! Trying to make sense of these constant struggles? Then hear this enlightening message by Joseph Prince and be blessed to see how God may be lovingly correcting and refining you to develop greater character, resilience, and strength in you. Learn also the truth about Hebrews 12—how God chastens those whom He loves, not with sicknesses and tragedies as often taught, but through His Word and for their benefit and longevity. Instead of being frustrated and confused, begin to see how much God loves you!

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Joseph Prince – Quando la vita sembra non aver un senso – 11 Ott 2015


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  1. Thank you so much for this. May God bless you.
    I praise God for creating a Man like this who would encourage me and make me understand God better in my trying times.

  2. thank you for that message about the Almighty. yeah maybe the reason why im frustrated is because im trying so hard to do things on my own strength and what I want is not in line with Gods will.

  3. Pastor Joseph Prince
    I am blessed. healed n delivered with your annointed msgs on the Gospel of Grace. Amen Grace continues to super abound in every area of my life

  4. What a timely sermon, Pastor Prince! I was going through this very thing this week. I got 15 seconds into this video and I bought the full sermon! Thank you!


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