Joseph Prince – The Rapture And End-Time Tribulation Explained—Part 3 – 21 Sep 14

Behold, your Bridegroom is coming! Join Joseph Prince for another exciting study on the soon-coming rapture of the church by Christ Jesus. Understand why of all the times in church history, we live in such a “day” where the rapture can happen anytime. See from numerous scriptural references the significance of the “third day,” and how it points to the days we are living in as the time the Lord will come for His bride, the church. Discover also why the Bible exhorts us to live in hope of His return and how to occupy our time until then. Rejoice! Your Bridegroom is coming!

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  1. Thank You Pastor sooo grateful that you explained for one to have an understanding of this subject which people think we crazy when we talk about…another thing you have brought insight into my understanding of Yeshua's Resurrection; was he ate..which i never took notice of for all these years as being Born Again..Hashem bless you..

  2. I am so blessed god led me to ur sermons. I finally am no longer walking in the depth on I had been. it's amazing I've been Christian for 15 years and until watching ur videos last night for the first time learned that I wasn't being punished for my sins. my life is not difficult because God is punishing me for the wrong I do. jesus paid my debt. wow. why didn't any one tell me this before and explain it as thorough as u. ur so wise and I'm grateful for u sharing ur knowledge with us


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