Joseph Prince – The Confidence That Brings Great Rewards – 20 Sept 15

How do you reconcile God’s rewards with His unmerited favor under the new covenant? In this enlightening and practical message, Joseph Prince shows you how God rewards you when you simply use the grace He has given you. Whether it is success in ministry, promotion at work, experiencing provision, or even having children, see how you can be given a full reward when you place your trust in the Lord, and come under His wings for refuge. Whatever you are believing Him for today, continue to have a confident trust in the Lord and see it bring you a great reward!

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  1. GRACE – Amazing Gift From LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN            Blessed are that you can See AMEN           AS IS JESUS SO I AM IN THIS WORLD  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN

  2. Praises to my King, Praises to my Savior, Praises to my Lord King JESUS! Thank you my Lord and my God for raising Joseph Prince to preach the good news Gosple that is truly Good News indeed, GRACE. Hallelujah, Lord! AMEN N AMEN

  3. how amazing this preaching in touching my heart. I thought before that messages of God's Grace is just like any teaching in christian churches, tastes good at first bite but definitely diminishes in utility. But this is very different. Every time I face difficult situation, messages o grace that i heard from pastor prince prompt me to listen again and again and even short excerpt answers me and relate and sympathize and heal and empower me! It seems that GRACE is God's Language! He speaks by His GRACE, Works by His GRACE and EXIST by His GRACE. Thank you Pastor Prince. I am now convinced thru the GRACE that God's poured-out into my heart. Keep spreading God's LOVE and UNMERITED FAVOR!

  4. Can someone help me? I'm going through a difficult time right now and listening to this message seems relevant, but I wasn't sure what way I should go. I'm training to be a teacher at the moment and working amongst kids – I love kids, but I feel like don't like the actual job and hate being at university (it's not my thing!), I have other dreams and hopes for my life and this isn't one of them – do I carry on working toward my qualification or not? I can't tell if God wants me to do this or not, I'm finding it extremely difficult 🙁

  5. pastor prince please help me pray Ronald Montano he is sick for almost 2 years he is confined in the hospital right now. please thank you so much I always watching your preaching daily pastor… I hope you can read this

  6. God bless you pastor Prince. we thank God for pastors like you. May God bless you and your Family and The New Creation Church.May God continue to supply your needs according to his grace,in Jesus' name Amen.


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