Joseph Prince – Sin Shall Not Have Dominion Over You (Romans 6:14)

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  1. I am under grace and not under the law, so I bind sin to have dominion over me in accordance with romans 6:14 in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, amen and hallelujah!

  2. If a child comes to you in great love about my parents sin. affecting them maybe abuse pronography, drinking whatever how would you handle that without causing the CHILD GREAT DANGER.

  3. Tell how people that are living in a gay marriage and pastors let him come Church in practice of their sin.what do u say about that.

  4. Thank you Jesus for releasing our chains and making me whole. Never realized how the mind works to cause addiction until God said through pastor in a sermon that you sin against God, against your wife and also inwardly. It actually seers one's own conscious to making it your God. Thank you Jesus for setting me free of every addiction and bondage by the righteousness given as a gift by faith. Sin does not have dominion no more! Thanks again


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