Joseph Prince – Restoration For Your Losses – 11 Jan 2015

God can not only restore what you have lost, but also make you a gainer because of it! Joseph Prince shows you from the Scriptures God’s heart for those who have suffered loss as well as His principle of restoration—He always gives more than what you originally had. Learn also how you can receive His restoration this year by trusting in Jesus and His finished work. His offering of Himself on the cross has brought you near to God and purchased every blessing of restoration you desire. Whatever your loss, start looking to the Lord for your much-more restoration today!

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ジョセフ・プリンス(Joseph Prince) – あなたが失ったものの回復 – 11 Jan 2015


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Comment (37)

  1. Amen! I am the righteousness of God in Christ our Lord! We will exalt You and glorify Your name in our darkest days, and our struggles in life. Thank you God for your mercy that you have sent your lovely son Jesus Christ! He who knew no sin and him is no sin and did no sin and took our judgement and place at the cross to make us righteous and take his place! As of now, we are having problems in our life but we know You are good, merciful God who provides and cares for us regardless! As Jesus is our trespass offering. He will give 120% more glory,praise and worship to you Daddy God and and we will receive 120% favor,peace, joy,health,provision and strength! I have faith in what I say therefore I speak! Hallelujah this sermon is so powerful Pastor Prince I shall not give up for I have a great God who supplies Grace and loves me deeply and cares for me at times of stress and all kinds of negativity in life. I rest in your wings o God and worship and glorify Jesus and his finished work! Receiving your abundance and fruitfulness! Amen. Grace be with us forevermore! In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!

  2. The Grace Gospel is the message of Christ and according to Paul of Tarsus the only gospel(Search the Scriptures) Paul places a double curse on any preached outside that Grace Gospel.  Joseph Prince without question has come to personify the message of Christ love for mankind through Grace.  For it is written: The law came with Moses but Grace & Truth came with Christ Jesus. Embrace the truth that sets you free because Christ is the Way, the life & the Truth.

  3. Truly appreciate the way Pastor Prince unveils Jesus Christ in a humble and powerful way!! I get a much better picture of who Jesus say's I am after listening to Pastor Prince either on YouTube or reading his books. Truly Awesome and Powerful Revelation's of God!
    Be Blessed


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