Joseph Prince – Pray New Covenant Prayers With Boldness – 08 Feb 15

What’s the key to constantly experiencing answered prayers? Are all the prayers recorded in the Bible model prayers for new covenant believers? Joseph Prince dives into the Word and reveals the answers in this foundational message. Discover why God wants us to pray only new covenant prayers today, how we should understand the Lord’s Prayer in the light of the cross, and what it means to pray “in Jesus’ name.” Learn also about the new covenant prayer that never fails to guard your heart with divine peace. Turn your prayer life around as you begin to pray bold, powerful, and effective prayers today!

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Comment (37)

  1. Saya bertrimakasih karena Lord Jesus mengirim hambanya pastor prince untuk memberikan khothbah yang baik membuka hati dan pikiran saya dan anak saya untuk bertobat menjadi lebih dekat kepada Tuhan didalam setiap pergumulan saya, thanks for all,God bless you…

  2. May God bless you Pastor Prince, bless you more than He has set out to bless you if that is possible because God is using you to expose the blessings brought to us by His Son. God bless you!

  3. Listening to Joseph Prince is amazing. I had become so hungry to be fed because of all the studying I did from years of teaching I couldn't find any place to truly be fed and then I stumbled across Pastor Prince. I am so thankful that God led me to him. Thank God so much for Your never ending Love for us.

  4. Every prayer is answered, every word is heard.  Sometime's the Father says yes, sometimes no, and sometimes wait and think….because He has something better planned for you, all of you, soon and very soon

  5. I learn how deep the Father loves for me… I need to and I will live in this beautiful message day by day. Thank you, God … Thank you Father … Wow! The feeling filling my heart is like walking on heaven! I'm feeling so blessed and happy and safe and loved!

  6. Wow. This brought me to tears. I just started following Christ a couple months ago and i think He just spoke to me. I have been watching debates between very educated theists and atheists and always find myself questioning because the atheist brings up good points. While watching this video however, i felt some embrace. Some confirmation. Almost like something was telling me that I'm searching in the wrong places when i watch these debates. And i need to focus on Christ himself to find truth, rather than man. I am shocked right now. God bless you all.

  7. Thanks Abba for this anointed ministry. The revelation of love of Father God and the grace of Jesus has transformed my life! Continue to be so blessed.♥


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