Joseph Prince – Live With The Sense Of God’s Love – 12 Oct 14

Live life conscious of how much God loves you, and be set free from condemnation, depression, addictions, and other bondages. Join Joseph Prince for a liberating time in the Word as he shows you how you can be free from a burdensome life of legalism to enjoy a life of unspeakable joy and peace. Learn what it means to be dead to the law and alive in Christ so that you can be constantly fruitful and excellent in your Christian walk. Hear also how the true gospel has gloriously transformed precious lives and be the next to experience the power of God’s love!

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ジョセフ・プリンス(Joseph Prince) – 神の愛の中に生きる – 12 Oct 14


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Comment (39)

  1. This was wonderful and informative! Thank you Pastor Prince for telling us what to do with evil thoughts that comes up in our dreams or thought! Bless you Pastor

  2. 7:27 "How do you know you're growing in the Lord? How do you know you're in Grace? When you're more and more aware of your weaknesses, but then, you know in Christ they are all resolved. In Christ is ALL your resources. So when it comes to self; it's a greater consciousness of weakness, but when it comes to God, it's a greater dependency on Him. That is growth!"

  3. It's been a few days and I've usually just clicked what YouTube recommended me to watch for his videos. It's different each day but it's so on point of what I had been struggling these days. God really answered my prayers to seek more of JESUS MIRACLES AND GRACE. Thank you for sharing this short messages which really helps me a lot. May God Bless Everyone. Amen.

  4. † Å♏έN Live every day under a sense of HIS GRACE and a sense of HIS LOVE FOR YOU because self improvement only modifies your outward behaviour, but it doesn't change your heart!

  5. I thank God for answering my prayer and protecting and healing me and my family…
    I thank You for Your favor and mercy..I glorify You and magnify You..I lift Your name high in Jesus name.. Amen!!!!


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