Joseph Prince – Live Life Loved By The Shepherd – 07 Jun 15

Live above defeat as you see Jesus as the Good Shepherd who loves you! In this uplifting message by Joseph Prince, discover the key to divine health and life: a personal revelation of Jesus as the Shepherd of your soul. Learn the importance of sitting under the ministries of God-appointed shepherds and the message that will free you from all fear, lack, and discouragement. Be encouraged as you see the kind of relationship God wants to have with you, one where you simply ask Him for the health and good success you need. Live the abundant life today—live life loved by your Shepherd!

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  1. Beautiful Revelation or new eyes to look at it again! Bless God and thank you Pastor Prince! Amen and Hallelujah Jesus!

  2. I was looking for the story of Joseph in youtube by another pastor. I saw the Title Joseph Prince and I thought it was the story of Joseph the king of dreams.
    I'm so lost right now but yet i'm making it a habit of listening to his sermons in here.
    Every sermon if it's 15 minutes feels like 5. I'm So Thankful for the great man that he is talking about Jesus and all.
    I hope I can find my way back home for i'm so lost.

  3. I get a spiritual buzz off this guy. I think the biker jacket is stupid, I'm not sure about the whole "jesus" nonsense that is perpetuated (in fact I'm pretty certain it's nonense) but I can pick up on people that full of sh1te and disingenuous. I get a high energy buzz from this guy indicating he's not yet another nonsense artist so I hope he goes far in this world, and I hope people find direction in his teachings.

  4. This message hits home in such a deep way.It's something you need to hear,but you didn't know you needed it untill you hear it.I love it.Ahmen.Thank you Christ o lord.I love you.


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