Joseph Prince – Live Free From Anger And Doubt – 22 Mar 15

You can live free from anger and doubt and begin to walk in a greater measure of joy and faith today! In this liberating message by Joseph Prince, learn what causes anger and doubt and how to be free from both. Break free of low self-esteem, pride, and self-occupation, as you see how the finished work of our Lord Jesus has qualified you to receive the supply and miracle you need. As you continue to anchor your identity in Christ Jesus and on His love for you, see Him liberate you from self-occupation, anger, and doubt, and increase you in every area!

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  1. I been praying for spiritual stuff like no more anger bitterness, sadness, like all these bad stuff unforgiving, and like I’ve prayed diligently a lot and it hasn’t went away so I become very sad, today I took some communion and I’m hoping to get past this soon plz pray for me to overcome

  2. God bless my online Pastor Joseph Prince! I am an international flight attendant and when I hunger for the Word of God through hearing, I love that I am wonderfully fed by Pastor Prince; in any country, at any time! Every single video message is a blessing and I am grateful to God for such anointed teaching! I find joy, wisdom and love in Pastor Prince's humor and clarity in teaching. God bless his beautiful wife Wendy, and their beautiful children! Truly a blessing to the body of Christ! Looking forward to visiting their church in Singapore one day! Hallelujah‼️

  3. 2015 – God will Restore
    2016 – God will Restore
    I heard that again today .
    You'd better preach a shermon Something like :" This Year God Will Restore To You Everything you've lost ,This Year !!"… Without specifying the year .
    And that film will remain kind of mark on the net good for anytime . Thank you.

  4. Prised God. Till today God uses His people to bring total restoration. Pastor Joe Prince is one of them. Pastor, though you afar, but His Words in your mouth had brought many closer to our Creator. Since I started listening to your undiluted Word of God about His Grace, Favour unmerited, my salvation is more clearer than before, make heaven my last abode is guarantee, since I now know that I was saved by God's grace and my by my performance. My past, present and future sins were all paid in full at Calvary. I see His love more clearer than before. Calvary greetings.
    Yours in Him.
    Bro Festus.

  5. um can anyone clarify to me what god means by not relying on your own efforts? like when im playing badminton, i will have this fighting spirit to win or when im competing i will have an excitement dojng it but isnt that like relying on my efforts?


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