Joseph Prince – Jesus Has Made The Finish Line Your Starting Post – 25 May 14

When you fail, do you go to God telling Him what a lousy sinner you are? Or do you go to God boldly, believing you are still righteous in Christ? Joseph Prince shows you why it is the latter that will cause you to find grace to overcome your weaknesses and challenges. Get back on your feet again, walk tall, and be bold as a lion in life because Jesus has made you righteous. The victorious Christian walk, where you enjoy intimacy with the Father and reign over sin, begins with knowing how you are forever forgiven, righteous, and complete in Christ!

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جوزيف برينس – يسوع صنع خط النهاية ليكون مركز البداية لك

Joseph Prince – Isus a transformat linia de sosire în punctul de plecare- 25 Mai 14


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  1. Amen i am a waiking miracle of GODS amazing grace on may the 16th 2016 I had a massive drink and drugs overdose had total kidney failure was told I might not make it was told I will be on dialysis the rest of my life and had to have 9 operations in 9 weeks to save me was told me called out to GOD TO save me he heard my plea and cry and toke up my challenge my kidneys are now restored i no longer need dialysis and completely free from drink and drugs im like a new man and since been baptized im like the prodigal son I've came home and it's all thanks to my GOD AND savoir Jesus I love you lots for what you have done for me praise you're name Jesus there is know one like you amen to that

  2. Pastor Prince, thank you for this sermon on youtube, now I can listen to it repeatedly! I also thank you for seeking Abba's revelation afresh and for teaching Christ in context – so few ministers do this anymore. What a terrific revelation! You are the only Pastor who has taught me the Words of Jesus in order as presented by Holy Spirit, and it has meant everything to me. And also Thank you for pointing out from Song of Songs that Abba, in His great unending love for us, desires to see our faces as we boldly come into His glorious presence-the awesome presence of our loving Father and that He actually desires to hear our voices. Through your preaching, Pastor Prince, my spirit jumps for joy and my soul has been set free-Hallelujah!
    Know that I pray for you, Pastor Prince – Love In Christ to you and your beautiful Wendy.


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