Joseph Prince – How To Pray When You Have No Prayer – 31 Aug 2014

How do you call out to God when you don’t have a prayer in you? Let Joseph Prince show you how God doesn’t demand eloquent prayers, and how a heartfelt groan to Him for help is enough to reach His throne and bring His grace onto the scene! See from Scripture how God responds with healing and deliverance to the groans and sighs from His people. You don’t have to remain in sickness and bondage, or simply accept situations of defeat any longer. You can release the sighs and groans in your heart to God and see Him move powerfully on your behalf!

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  1. To Jesus be the glory… It is really true that Christians like to complain, because we tend compare our lives with the world, but Jesus is always gracious, He never stops showing His love and patience on us. Hallelujah….

  2. This man is a great teacher, I love how he creates images when he preaches, he breaks down scripture like no one I've ever see do…. he managed to make a sermon out of a passage in the Bible that many of us overlook, Love it.

  3. i love the preaching of joseph prince very touching and streight to my heart…. i believe gospel preaching is what christ left us to do.. i wish to listerning to him one day live
    i love the way he dress, teach and attitude never tolk about other pastor but just preach the gospel… i just love it

  4. It does NOT release stress – otherwise I'd be the most stress-free person in the world bc all I do is groan in pain. Actual literal pain from a gunshot wound and other kinds. The pain from partial nerve damage has never disappeared and it's 21 years later and it's NOT because I didn't believe it would. I'm not buying that answer anymore.

  5. I love the teachings of Joseph Prince. They are definitely "Led by the Holy Spirit" and are scriptural.  The Word of God is truth, and our Spirit that lives and dwells in us bears  WITNESS to the truth. My prayers are that this wonderful man of God will continue to reach souls and deliver them from themselves. Remembering always, God is with us.  I would also like to encourage everyone to purchase "The Power of Right Believing", it will change your outlook and your disposition for the better.

  6. Complaining means one's heart is not turned to God, but when we moan and groan with our hearts turned to our heavenly Father, it is a prayer!  Praise the Lord!

  7. What a wonderful revelation of the Finished Work of our Lord Jesus, Who has purchased for us entrance to the throne of our heavenly Daddy's Grace, even when we are word-less!

  8. What good news, we can be who we are. Jesus can use us, individually, in ways we never have imagined. Thank you, Joseph Prince, for bringing me along (my personal path) to where I am preparing to launch a book!  I've passed your teaching program to others-inviting others to watch and assess for themselves. How sweet the "reality of truth and righteousness." Live long, Joseph Prince and keep your gift of teaching, going forward ~ Praise to Jesus; only Praise!

  9. I do this sighing sometimes when I think of situations am in or when friends, relatives are in difficulties,which i know only God the Father can fix.I do say a prayer in those instances and I thank the Lord that He listens 🙂


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