Joseph Prince – How To Live Free From The Curse – 29 Dec 2013

Feel like there’s a dark cloud hanging over your life? Then get ready to be set free and blessed as you listen to this liberating message from Joseph Prince. Learn how you have every right to live free from any curse, because Jesus took your place of a cursed life at the cross, and gave you the blessed life He deserves. Begin to walk in freedom from sickness, lack and every negative thing that has plagued your life as you believe powerful truths about Jesus’ finished work. It’s time to break free and live a victorious and abundant life!

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Comment (29)

  1. I and my family are free of curse My Lord Jesus purchased for is .Praise the Lord Jesus I honor you my lord Jesus Amen very powerful preaching man of God pastor prince Joseph .I watch him everday pastor prince Joseph God bless you and your family Amen

  2. I want a true and sincere help can holy communion be partakingb on our own at home wen one is alone by oneself or should an elder be the one to pray n bless then it is shared to others in church only

  3. I and my family are free from the curse now and forever I agree with Pastor Prince in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise his name forever more

  4. Wonderful life giving message…preaching just as we need to hear it. I love the way 'its' reinforced..gets right to the core. All the messages do. I'm so thankful I can hear them..l let them be the words I go to sleep on lately. 'Oh the blood ofJesus; washes white as snow'.


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