Joseph Prince – His Resurrection—Proof Of Your Righteousness – 05 Apr 15

You can enjoy boldness and peace every day when you know you are righteous in God’s sight. In this powerful and heart-anchoring Resurrection Sunday message, Joseph Prince shows you why our Lord Jesus’ resurrection is your divine receipt that you have been made righteous through His perfect work at the cross. See how this righteousness you have is freely given to those in Christ and cannot be forfeited by your failures. Live confident that God is always for you because of your righteous standing before Him, and see all your enemies put under your feet!

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Joseph Prince – La Sua resurrezione – la prova della nostra giustizia – 05 Apr 15


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  1. Because of Adam and Eve made by God so purify but they allowed the evil enter the soul so he consumed the heart of man on Earth.. He put fear, doubt, anger and hate but God is so patient and He is prince of Peace.. King of Righteousness so He always make ways and find ways to take out the sin through his Prophets, disciples and missionaries which from Man by many ways that No man can't control because of weaknesses… Even God let them be wiser and given wisdom.. But still the weakness is there… Because the enemy is very good in deceiving.. Looks, act and speak very fine but the real heart was full of bad intentions, manipulative, loves hate.. Thank you Jesus because your mercy you sacrifies for the sins of the world…

  2. ….sometimes I have no time but still watch these short versions of his full sermons. Feels like a peace, a serenity comes over me just when I need it. Jesus is so beautiful like that. Thanx J.P.

  3. GOd bless you Joseph Prince. You sermons are so anointed and inspiring. I listen in S Africa. I would love to know the name of your sermon preached on the tabernacle. God bless you and your family abundantly. Helia Knox

  4. since I started watching Joseph Prince,,, my faith has increased,,, I now know that my God loves me, , and I'm not lost in the crowd,,, overlooked, God bless Joseph Prince, his beautiful family, and his ministry,,,


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