Joseph Prince – Hear Jesus Only And Be Uplifted – 11 May 14

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  1. Pastor Prince thank you for practically teaching and revealing the awesome Living Word, directly from God, our loving Father through Christ's Holy Spirit-Hallelujah! Your preaching of Jesus' transfiguration releases excitement within my spirit and readingvApostle Peter ' s recollection of it, I sense Peter really could not fully explain Jesus' transfiguaration, because seeing Jesus shining like the sun in all His original shekina glory had to have been so awesome that I sense Peter even nearing the end of his life was still in awe of having seen the brightness of Jesus that I sense that Peter was even then at a loss for words.
    May you always remain humble before Abba, always continually receive Christ's anointed Word of Power and might and may you always receive Abba's grace

  2. I'm listening for the first time to Pr Joseph Prince n I'm so glad to say that's exactly the 'grace' of God my family n I r experiencing 'in spite of' us.When we turn away from evil,despite hurts n past sacrifices, n cry to Him, He hears n delivers n protects n provides-abundantly.All praise to His Holy Name!


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