Joseph Prince – Healing of the Leper in Matthew 8 Animation Video

Will God hear us when we come to Him as we are with all our failings and disqualifications? Find certainty as you hear Joseph Prince reveal how God truly sees you through the cross, and why you can always approach Jesus just as you are for help. See from the story of Jesus healing the leper how God does not just have the power but also the heart to supply your area of need.

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  1. Jesus said that His disciples also can clean the leprossy. That is why He commanded the diciples to heal the sick cleanse the leppers.

  2. Thank you Pastor Prince For EVERYTHING You Do To Forward The TRUE GRACE Dream Is to Someday Preach/ Teach and Share it To the MANY Mexican people Stuck and Weighed Down By the Heavy load Of RELIGIOUS upbringing..AMEN..GRACE GRACE over You and Your Family Pastor P

  3. Jesus Christ is Amazing. Thankyou God for creating us II you are the Master of Masters, and my rock, My God and my high imortal tower who no one can even chake it and make it fall, i belive in you name Jesus we will fufill everthing, Praise Jesus Christ lord.


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