Joseph Prince Explains John 15

Excerpt taken from: Joseph Prince – Let Go And Flow In The Vine Life – 26 Apr 15

Want to run and not be weary, walk and not faint? Desire more good fruit in your Christian life? Joseph Prince shows you how you can flow in the vine life of Christ as you let go and rest by abiding in Him and His words. Discover how this releases God’s favor, wisdom, healing, and good success into every situation of lack. See also how God always lifts you up when you have fallen so that you can bear fruit for His glory. Let this message take you from a life of stress and defeat into one of restful increase, divine supply, and abiding peace.

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Comment (39)

  1. Wow wow wow.. learnt so much. Thank you Pastor Prince for making me fall in love with the Bible scriptures. So much wonderful biblical mysteries to uncover..

  2. Joseph Prince knows how to explain the Bible the best way I have ever heard it. He paints mental pictures in my head through his words allowing me to experience God's words with ………pizzaz. Awesome.

  3. Praise the LORD!!! can some help me…i have a doubt regarding luke 18:18….is their any josephprince messege on it …if yes can you please direct me to that video.. thank you !


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