Joseph Prince – Experience Victory Over Sexual Immorality

Get wisdom on and find freedom in this one area that has many trapped in a cycle of defeat and addiction. In this illuminating and powerful message by Joseph Prince, understand how sexual immorality begins, takes root, and can tear a person and relationships apart. See how God’s grace is available to you in the midst of your struggles and be anchored in the gospel truths that are key to lasting victory over lust and sexual sins. Hear this liberating message and receive power to break free from bondage and step into God’s best for your body, mind, marriage, and ministry!

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  1. As a 30 yr old single woman in Nursing school…marriage is no where near…I'm healthy in my sexual peak and having the best sex of my life…it's just so good…I'm tired of feeling guilty tho…I'm thinking will I ever really change…I'm just trying to understand why is this so wrong…people used to get married as teens and not have to deal with years of celibacy…I'm tried many times to wait…praying urges away and everything and it never lasts

  2. This is so true guys. I used to be really strong, and could bench twice my body weight. I was built, and had very good symmetry, and extremely good health. I was strong-willed, but oblivious to sin at the time, and I began to be prideful, and pride comes before a fall, and boy did I fall. I soon fell into all sorts of gripping sexual immorality. I went to the beach and flattered girls with my words. In-fact me and my friends made it a competition to see how many girls we could pick up, even lying to them that we were rich, because we had a nice car, nice clothes, and nice apartment. If only we knew we were destroying our souls. Over the course of 4 years I stopped working out, became addicted to alcohol, weed, video games, cigarettes, MDMA, cocaine, porn, and my muscle strength deflated to the point where I looked like a little boy. I almost overdosed a few times as well. I almost died twice. I mean, I was extremely down the rabbit hole. Nothing I did prospered. I was laid off from jobs, even quit a few times from depression. People I knew were amazed to see me years later, and one of my old buddies joked and said "You're SHmall Now", and I wasn't even mad. I actually agreed with him, because it was around the time I was questioning my health and sanity. Now I am buried with Christ, and my strength has been coming back. I used to contemplate suicide and I hated my life. Now I actually enjoy being in the land of the living thanks to the grace of the Lord. On top of all that, I never needed any medication to gain my sanity back, and got a job, and I've have been hitting the gym daily. I've been studying Christ's teachings, read the word of God once so far, and I understand now why I fell into such a deep spiral. To insensitive people the gospel is foolish, but to me, it is cold hard truth. All of these doctors want to hook people on medication, but I am telling you, I didn't need any remedy expect for Christ. I have my life back, my strength is growing. I'm able to have a relationship with my family again, whereas I used to steal from my mom just to get cigarettes, which is covetous and idolatry. I cursed her out as well, and would be absolutely terrible to her. Now she sees me changing and it brought her to tears a few weeks ago, and she knows I'm a believer in Christ now, whereas I used to hide my identity and beliefs. I was baptized, and the spirit is guiding me. Now I tell her all the time about Jesus, and although she ignores me, and could care less at times, she actually doesn't mind talking about it here and there, and it takes patience, but who knows. Maybe one day if she sees the Lord working in my life she'll turn to the Lord as well. She seems a bit interested at times. Although I am buried with Christ and there is no condemnation, I want to warn people this sin is true. I actually fell into it yesterday for the first time in weeks, and I woke up this morning feeling like wow, WHY did I do that? After crying out to Jesus, feeling his love, knowing he is my God, and I chose lust over Jesus? It shows me that I'm not Christ, that's for sure, but I am a sinner, and that is the beauty of God's grace is that he'd have mercy on sinners like us. Only he could do what he did, living the perfect life, becoming a curse for us. We'll never be able to contemplate it for eternity, that's the amazing part. We'll be amazed at his glory for eternity. I can't wait to be with Jesus. Thank the Lord I am not condemned because of his sacrifice, so I can be rid of guilt and continue to have a relationship with him, and walk uprightly, think positively, love him more. It makes me not want to sin, because I want to be closer to him. I've repented of it, and confessed it, which is the right thing to do, and today is a new day. It shows me just what a few days of abstaining from the word of God can do. Now I am hungry for the word but I might need to go to work in a few hours. All I know is when I get home my eyes are going to be locked on it, starting at Genesis and so on. I'm just going to re-read the gospel as many times as I can until my calloused heart understands Jesus' unconditional love, so that I can learn to love him more and more for what he did on the cross. After all, he helped me get over all my addictions. It's only my soul that needs to be weaned by the spirit, and since the soul is selfish, that is why we fall. The spirit is already saved, but the soul is selfish. It needs to be weaned and brought into subjection, thus sanctification. God bless guys. We are more than conquerors through Christ. Don't let guilt condemn you. Turn to Christ, and refuse willful sinning. Avoid it. Build a relationship with Christ. Be of a pure heart and let him guide you by the spirit. He knows what is best for us.
    Flee Sexual Immorality.

  3. Stumbled across pastor Prince in my struggle to be free from a very unhealthy relationship… i lived in denial but suffered greatly…thank God for a deliverance that made me know God's love and peace…
    I ended a three year relationship 12 days ago… I am hurting …but been in the Word all the free time and listening to Pastor Prince… sing worship to God …. i would not risk the peace and hope i have to ever go back to what i should of ran from three years ago…Jesus thank u..

  4. how come ive never heard of this guy. he's amazing. very powerful speaker. me and my girlfriend right now are struggling with staying pure. the holy spirit really had me convicted through this guys message. its time for change. sexual sin is the one sin i dont want to come in and out of my life. pray for me. our relationship is in jeopardy of falling apart

  5. This message is completely on point and I needed to hear this Because honestly I'm struggling with sexual sin and feel so trapped and shameful. I need to fight and break this sin cycle out of my life. Please pray for me!!!


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