Joseph Prince – Activate God’s 120 Percent Restoration (Live In New York) – 29 Nov 15

Receive amazing restoration from God for all that you’ve lost! Join Joseph Prince in Barclays Center, New York City, as he reveals from Scripture why and how you can receive restoration for anything that has been stolen from you by the enemy. Whether it’s health, relationships, finances, or wasted years, because Jesus became your trespass offering and restored that which He did not take away, God can restore to you all that you have lost greater in quality or quantity! See His heart to demonstrate His superabounding grace toward you and learn how to activate His 120 percent restoration today!

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  1. I'm about to share my testimony with you guys. This message even though old 2015 has encourage and spark a faith fire in my spirit man….The Lord is about to open up a large sum of financial blessings in my life….I am not ashamed to ask the Lord for the wealth of this Ephesians 1:20-23. And all things are for us. HALLELUYAH!

  2. Amen Jesus is my restoration and the one who changed my life to be pure. Really tough in my heart by this wonderful massage may God bless you more.. Jesus Christ is soo sweet to me in all times.. Hallelujah.. Let magnify the name of the lord forever more ..

  3. I am the righteousness of GOD in JESUS CHRIST! GOD is so good all the time! I receive God's Joel 2 restoration and all the other restoration that God blesses me and my son and my Kinsman-husband in CHRIST and our CHRIST FAMILY, in JESUS precious name, AMEN! JESUS IS LORD AND I AM! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE GOD THE FATHER IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!


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