John G Lake – Doctors, The Devil Or Divine Healing?

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  1. Hello Hans 🙂 Thanks for this video! Could you please make the rest of your JG Lake videos public? It shows you have many private. I'm interested in hearing them. Thank you!

  2. What he is saying is hard to receive on one hand yet it seems completely what the word of God says. All I know is that mankind can heal nothing ever and the medicines Re likewise useless in healing anything and almost always has undesired side effects which frequently cause more new problems for the user. I had rather trust Christ live or die. Jesus alone heals and he is the great physician. Only believe.

  3. Send me those who walk by faith like Dr. John G. Lake. I need faith walking wise Christians next to me and walking with me in this journey and I know that nothing happening that brings death is from God because God is life and more abundandantly.

  4. I consecrate myself to God I do not lack faith because I go to a doctor. I believe I am healed and by His stripes I am healed. The doctor is the vessel but God is the healer.

  5. I consider the arguments here about doctors and medicine ludicrous.Doctors don't cure sickness.They help manage symptoms and pain until the body naturally recuperates.Just because a man walks in an outstanding anointing doesn't mean his theology is without flaw.Being consecrated doesn't mean that seeking medical treatment is a violation of that consecration.God is a God of mercy,compassion and grace.If your faith is not at the level of receiving divine healing than medicine may be the only option at the time but you don't dare paint a loving God and Savior as a ruthless tyrant who won't heal you if have unconfessed sin in your life!!

  6. Wow this is good. Make a consecration to God, and live by that, and die by that. I downloaded the video, and i am now making dutch subtitles for it. If you want, i can send you the subtitles, so you can add them to your video


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