Joel Osteen – You're Still Going to Get There

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  1. God could do all thongs in the life's that are broken. Sometimes we could feel like giving up and we feel that we're worth nothing. But we need to understand that God is a God of many things and you are his child and he loved us and want to be the center of of life and work in our hearts and rebuild us in the way that he planed. But as u know he will give us free will to do as we please. But when we're in the mist of the strom and feel like giving up. Gold Fast and believe and all will come to pass

  2. I wish I canAnd connect with the Galaxy and universe and stars and Sun and Moon and satellite and planes and TV and phone and radio and radio stations and cars everywhere I go to

  3. Thank u bro Joel for being such an awesome pastor. I needed to hear an encouraging word. Love u & thanks again for all or your incredible preaching. U are the best. Love u & God bless

  4. I am in such great financial difficulty at the moment, that, I'm tempted to be worried and negative but thanks to Pastor Joel (Dad) my faith is stirred up and have enough energy to go thru the day. I have the Manna for today. Amen!


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