Joel Osteen – The Promise is Coming

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  1. May 02, was very inspiring. I do constant therapy. I feel like my whole body was slammed in a car door. One by one, things heal. Insteps and toes are healed. Both ankles still slightly fractured fractured shins are healed. Left torn hamstring healed. Right, torn hamstring, not healed. Pelvis and hips not healed, still ache. Lower back and spinal cord damage, minimal pain. Same with neck. Severe arthritis in hands, I ignore, except in Winter, when I have zero movement. The Parkinson’s shaking, I can ignore, because, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper!”

  2. I praise and thank God for God speaking to me through you Pastor Joel. He is creating faith in my life to fulfil the promise that God gave me and also my dream to come to pass at this age of 66 to be blessed to bless many people . So that I can thank my good Lord through my offering to help you who is doing the ministry of God .

  3. Moses at 80 years old was NOT His Hope or Dream! Waiting too long brings strife, dismay and decay. Do it in close proximity of timing so as to NOT PROVOKE DISTRESS!

  4. Thank you Joel Osteen God bless you so much I'm watching and praying from Kenya I believe I agree and I receive in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen


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