Joel Osteen – The God Who Exceeds Expectations

You may feel stuck today or think that it’s just another year of doing the same thing. But Joel wants to show you how God has some I never dreamed blessings in store for you where God shows up and exceeds your expectations.

Take a journey through the Scriptures and see how God had sudden blessings that instantly changed lives. You’ll be inspired to have faith again for the goodness of God in your life to exceed your expectations! We think ordinary, but God thinks extraordinary. What He has planned for you is bigger, more rewarding, more fulfilling than you’ve dreamed. Paul said in Ephesians 3:20, “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think.” God wants to do a new thing in you this year! It’s time to believe again.

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  1. Listening to Joel Osteen's videos practically daily, anytime I get a chance and also when I feel exhausted and can't do no more. I turn them on ane make the last final efforts for the day. It works every time!

  2. I believe I will and am extremely loved favored and blessed in the Latina community I have much love and favor and be lifted high by Latinas believe I will see Latinas and white men everywhere I believe I will have many great Latina relationships and much more


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