Joel Osteen – The Blessing

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  1. I have been binge-watching your services. The chosen is streaming for free also at 6 pm, today is episode 3. I've been watching that as well. If you want to check it out Here's the link. Thank you, Joel and Lakewood for keeping our eyes focused on our Father and the knowledge that this too shall pass. Things will be ok again. God is still on the Throne. God is bigger than what we are facing!!! He's fighting the battles. Thank you for what I've heard here today. In Jesus Name, Amen Amen!

  2. Have a blessed day everyone.
    Make this is a great week.
    Take every worry to God in prayer.
    Push yourself to new limits and heights
    Do not be easily discouraged.
    Make the most out of every opportunity.
    If you need weekly encouragement checkout my channel. I post 3X’s a week. I do bible studies, marriage videos, relationships videos, and inspirational videos. Also tackling job interviews and the job search process! Be blessed!

  3. oh oh oh ok , My father was to pension himself being a working man his Whole life he always dreamed to get that camping car when he retired from his job as taxi driver, he was very unlucky in his life, he styruggled, he lost, and all he had was to retire and he had the Money finally to buy Nice camping car . Went to the doctor and same day told he was going to die and he DID DIE 2 MOTNHS AFTER THAT, IS THE REAL LIFE NOT THE FAIRY TALES WERE EVERYBODY HGET WELL FROM CANCER

  4. I watch jeol ostein at least five times a day he gives me hope I have suffered for 20 years I went through very hard times I just need a prayer for me and my children please sometime I see things for it happens what that means I want to be a strong woman of God thank you


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