Joel Osteen – Overcoming Weariness

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  1. Pastor Joel is always filled with the holy spirit. When I listen to his sermons I learn my mistakes and try to be more closer to God. Thank u Pastor Joel. May the Lord bless his people

  2. This message is so perfect for the time we are living in. We must not allow ourselves to fall into weariness. I pray for you brothers and sisters. We must continue on this march. God bless you all.

  3. I was not taking care of myself, my temple, my body, God directed me to this by your speech, thankyou, this shows that God is influencing me, take care of my love too, he is not well.. Bless him too more than me

  4. I was feeling weary from battling an illness. This message has encouraged me to take hold of the hand of my God. He will give me strength every time.

  5. Am I wrong?
    Im really tired… my health has been bad for years…

    Today my mom treated me with doubt and I hate it because she blames me for "working for my father". Reality is … people's beliefs about me shouldn't bother me. I feel she treats me like a garbage bin.

    Dumping her negativity, doubts, etc on me. And my siblings.

    I realized once again I was wrong to bark at her….. but but but

    I got TGRIGGERED by her badly.

    It was like I was not going to hear her stupid lies and her always feeling sorry for herself.

    She's always been focused on her issues, problems WHAT ABOUT ALL THE BLESSINGS!!!

    Gosh. I just wouldn't shut up today and I told her I'm not angel so STOP treating me like you can always dump things on me!


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