Joel Osteen – It's Payback Time

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  1. Your messages always, allllllways come through for me when I need them most. You are an angel sent to me. God bless you, your family and ministry. I pray God gives me the opportunity to worship with you.

  2. You’re right, but time runs out. In good conscience, would you bring a child into the World, if you would not be there for at least 50 years, in THIS world? To teach to crawl, walk, run, then crawl, walk? If you decline because of the obscenity, were you cheated? Free will? Wait, it will be even better. Must be now. Earned 40 times. Wait means denied. Won’t bring a child to raise themselves. Factors are not chosen.

  3. Couple days. I had to go buy a stapler. To. Do my crush. Inthe part of the city. Not to great. I saw a he. Dress like a she. With a cheerleader skirt. But. Awww she talk and it gave her away. Buf she was walking. Like. If she was the lilly of the valley and I sed hey. That's not right the pastor sed I was the lilly of the valley not her ha ha god bless you pastor love you.

  4. That’s what’s happening to me girl I’m just telling you like I’m noticing my skin is softer I’m noticing my hair is growing I’m seeing such a dramatic change like I didn’t know all the stuff I was receiving God I didn’t even notice stuff like I’m doubting you like a lot of times and I’m sorry God like it’s been me and you this whole time we ride and die in the situation and it’s true like I miss seeing total change in my body are used to live I see does my skin my things that I can’t even explain and it’s power of God in my discipline and my searching you got my seeking you my searching you my only knowing you I’m seeing nothing but air but it’s what I can’t see in trusting you and knowing that I’m not bitter I got a new heart everything this guy saying that I’veAnnoying that you’re telling me this is what you get a box I’m loving you you’re gonna get this I promise you and I am I am I am thank you Lord thank you

  5. THE POWER OF NOW – Eckhart Tolle. There is only the now. No present or future, just now. This present moment. Everything else is mental, the history you believe shapes you, the future you project. Mental. There is only now.


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