Joel Osteen – It's On The Way

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  1. Thank God for pastor Joel Osteen. I love all his sermons, they are motivating, inspiring, informative, entertaining and most of all life saving. My dream will come to pass! I have ask God to get rid of all the false prophets and prophetess, get rid of the naysayers, dream killer;. I have ask God to close the doors to all the Churches that's playing church, hurting his people, destroying his house with lies, HATRED, unfairness! God is a prayer answering God. Favor is in my future. Blessed be the name of the Lord

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  3. The people of God we have been in a drought so long, can you not hear the Lord? ….. God's language is the language of faith. Joel truly brings us the day of the Lord, our repentance brings about a great restoration hoped for and talked about in all the prophetic books. Our restoration …is here…! God has delivered me time and time again. I thought it was something I had to do… but now… I think he just loves me, he delivers me because I am his child.


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