Joel Osteen – Empty Out The Negative

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  1. Thank you for being in my life and please keep the evil people away from me liars and people who take a vantage of me because by heart all I wanna do is help everybody and be nice to themI miss my girlfriend she was supposed to be my wife please God help me

  2. I have struggled so much on how to empty the negativity in my heart and I really thank you Pastor Joel for opening up my mind and spirit to such powerful secret of the kingdom of God. Much blessing to you and every other persons touched by this message.

  3. So I'm watching one of yours sermons and the one you're saying is a boat being jealous and you make sense because I've been so fortunate and he took the low road and what I have iron but there's so many questions behind my back and I've heard them as they were fumigating my house he shouldn't be on disability well it was a fortunate accident and now I'm being looked over and I know it but if I go down that path I might regret it cuz governments in any area favor for the complainant against that person and I need you to get back to me to give me a clearer mindset over this

  4. Praise Jesus great sermon I chose to forgive flesh and blood but what if there is demonic oppression in this very moment pray for India specially Maharashtra state specially for government that right GOD feared leader may come those who love mankind pray for me kindly send me email id I want to write you personally what I am going through or facing right now there is Corona fear is going in Mumbai


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