Joel Osteen – Blessed By Your Enemies

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  1. Oh God of almighty please bless me your holy child Abigail set me free from my enemies and plant me all my heart desires and come into my life protect me from any evil people and bring happiness love and peace in my life today onwards in the blood of Jesus I pray Amen

  2. I have no idea where I would be right now without Joel bringing me Gods word. He tells me what I need to hear and makes me believe. Everyone seems to of turned their back on me but I am standing in faith

  3. Bless my enemies, O Lord
    For even I bless them and don't curse them

     Enemies pushed me into your arms more than friends.

     Friends tied me to the earth, enemies tore me from it, and shattered all my hopes in the earth.

     They have made me a stranger in earthly kingdoms and an unnecessary inhabitant of this world.

     As the hunted beast finds a safer refuge than the one not hunted, so did I, persecuted by my enemies, found the safest shelter, hiding under Your tent, where neither friends nor enemies can execute my soul.

     Bless my enemies, O Lord
    For even I bless them and don't curse them

     Instead of me, they confessed my sins before the world.

     They whipped me, when I refrained from whipping myself.

     They tortured me when I ran away from the torture.

     They laughed at me when I flattered myself.

     They spat on me when I was proud of myself.

     Bless my enemies, O Lord
    For even I bless them and don't curse them

     When I pretended to be wise, they called me mad

     When I pretended to be powerful, they laughed at me like I was a dwarf.

     When I wanted to lead people, they pushed me into the background.

     When I was in a hurry to get rich, they beat me with an iron hand.

     When I wanted to sleep peacefully, they woke me up from sleep.

     When I built a home for a long and peaceful life, they demolished it and drove me out.

     Indeed, the enemies have separated me from the world and extended my hands to Your embrace. 

     Bless my enemies, O Lord
    For even I bless them and don't curse them

     Bless them and multiply them; multiply them and make them even more bitter against me
    so that my escape to You would be irreversible;

     That I could tear all hope in people like I would tear a spider web
    that humility may reign completely in my soul;
     that my heart may become the grave of my two evil twins: Pride and Anger;

     So that I could gather all my treasures in heaven and  get rid of self-deception which has entangled me in a terrible web of deceptive life.

     Enemies have taught me to know – what few people know – that man has no enemies in the world beyond himself.

     The one who hates enemies does not know that enemies are not enemies but cruel friends.

     Indeed, it is difficult for me to say who has done me more good and who has done me more evil in this world: friends or enemies.

     Therefore bless, O Lord, both my friends and my enemies.

     A slave curses at his enemies because he doesn't know,but the SON blesses them, because HE knows.

     Because the SON knows that his enemies cannot touch his life.

     So HE walks freely between them and prays to God.

    Bless my enemies, Oh Lord
    For even I bless them and don't curse them

    St. Nikolai of Serbia

  4. I dont care about others opinion they don't know me u can't judge a book by its cover u need to read the book to know the story that's me like or don't I'm not In need of their connection love and keep them in ur memory.


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