Jar of Oil Will Not Fail | Rodney Howard-Browne

Listen to how God intends to provide for his children in the midst of a pandemic.

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Comment (23)

  1. this jar of oil thing comes right out of Roman Catholicism ,this man is a proven deceiver , don"t say nobody told you so ,Jesus warns in the last days many will fall away because of phonies like these, I know I"m going to get blasted, but do not fall for it. people will fall for anything so long that it promises health, prosperity, good friends, etc,etc, but the Lord said any one who follows me can expect persecution. but a crown of life for the overcomer.

  2. Pastor Rodney in January the Lord told us to start giving to turn around the financial issues with our business. I grew up spiritually in the prosperity message but got turned off to it when the "bless the blessed" message started going around. Immediately after the Lord told us to get back to giving in January we linked up with some beautiful Christians in Africa. We started helping them directly feed orphans and we have even bought land and provided for the supplies to build a new orphans school. The testimony is the past 4 months out business has been blessed abundantly. Our sales have been strong February, March, April, and now May. Proverbs 19:17 New International Version (NIV)
    17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

  3. I didn't get chance to actually join the river due to work schedule before the lockdown but I honestly feel like I'm a member and I've been supernaturally blessed during the political virus!! I'll be joined to you after cause I'm never taking work over God AGAIN

  4. Amen yes God will provide. He is the Hope for humanity. But Satan has blinded millions with things that have a human warranty. Gods provision is Eternal. Forever. Given with unconditional Love. And He is your Father who looks after His Children. Amen Pastor.

  5. They say the RAPTURE happens in Revelation 4 but it does not. LOOK at Revelation 7:9, before the Lamb we see a multitude, from every nation, holding palm branches! Now LOOK AGAIN at Revelation 4 and 5, hmm, no multitude anywhere, must not have happened yet. Ok, maybe chapter 6, LOOK Revelation 6:9-11 souls "under the altar" and God says wait a little longer and still more to be PUT TO DEATH FOR THEIR FAITH. Ok, rapture not in Revelation 6 either. Revelation 7:3 says God about to harm her land and everyone's sea, possibly around this time and certainly BEFORE 7:9
    They are wrong about the 24 elders being the church, WRONG about the Rider on the white horse being the Antichrist, wrong about the rapture being in Revelation 4. It looks like everyone better get ready because the 6th Seal is WW3 and a NUCLEAR WAR, then THE BEAST COMES TO POWER AND ITS Russia, China and one of the 10 leaders of Revelation 17:12 is Lil Kim of NK and we known how he runs his government, Obama to come back with Black Lives Matter and his buddies in Iran. Get ready because because all net worth comes to nothing in 1 hour THE GOOD NEWS IS: We all get to attain to a greater resurrection as Hebrews 11:35 says and some might actually get a martyrs crown; but most will rebel and fall away and miss the bridegroom. Revelation 14:6-20 confirms Events AND EVERYTHING ELSE


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