It's Going To Happen Quickly | Joel Osteen

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  1. Thank you Jordan for this message from God it's happening I'm so happy that everything is turning around my life and it's happening now everything has God has been Rush away from me and it's now it's happening I'm so happy so happy so happy because you give me every night I listen to one of your stories and one of your messages and so happy thank you God thank you thank you my Lord for for being with me I was going to I want to share something that happened to me and impression in the car store and and I asked God took make a miracle for me and in the 5th day the car open the door and says you going out and I was moved to to residential Center and cuz like judge order too that I have to come back to work this is my my middle core that I want to share with you thank you your messages there IT'S HAPPENING! I I GOT THE I WANT TO SHARE TO THE YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE SOME I HAVE TO CHOOSE AND SOME OFFERS A JOB AND THEN I HAVE A THAT I HAVE A OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE THAT BEFORE I I DIDN'T HAVE A JOB AND THEN AND NOW I HAVE A JOB I HAVE TO CHOOSE THANK YOU JESUS MY LORD FOR THIS DAY THANK YOU FOR FOR THIS COUNTRY THANK YOU FOR MY CHILDREN THANK YOU FOR FOR MY MOTHER FOR MY FAMILY AND THANK YOU FOR THE PEACE AND THIS COUNTRY AMEN

  2. Been listening to him every single day …. I'm confused ,sad, been crying almost everyday.. took a break from my job and starting tomorrow going back to the same job I was always unhappy with . I'm sure this is the season of silence .

  3. Thanks Joel for the hope you have give me. I pray for the rest of people who are going through difficulties. I work in a Court so I am going to the Court now. I will be praying all the while.

  4. I Am In Agreement With The Word That Has Been Spoken God Is Going To Do A Quick Work In My Life My Family Children Grandchildren And For The Body Of Christ Restoration And Deliverance From Strong Holds Drugs Alcohol Gambling Sexual Immorality Mental health Illness In Jesus Name It Is Done Amen

  5. You are the best thing that happened to me in my life within jail just got out 8 weeks ago I watched you every Sunday morning in jail Australia god bless you and your family Joel


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