In The Last Days Perilous Times Shall Come — Rick Renner

Are we living in the end times? What does the Bible say about the last days, and why is this important for you today? Join Rick Renner as he answers these questions and more in this powerful Bible teaching.


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  1. These words were penned by the Apostle Paul to a young Pastor called Timothy which makes me want to say these letters are addressing the problems that will arise in the last days in the church age of grace. In Verse 8, believers know who these individuals are who resisted Moses. JUST SAYING SIR.

  2. The Rapture of the Church to meet Jesus in the air at His Coming is real, however it is a 7th Bowl last day event when He musters to Himself all that belong to Him alive and dead. We are not appointed to the wrath of Father but we do have a very important mission during the day of the Lord and we will be here for that. Many members of the Church will fall away from the words of Jesus and will walk with Him no longer. Just like what happened in John 6:66. We do the members of the Church and their families a great disservice when we tell them not to prepare for being here because we will not live through it. We will make Father very proud during these days. Jesus is talking to the Church of the last days in Matthew 24 and Paul is talking to the Church in 2 Thes 2. Let no one deceive you. When you see the events of the 1st Seal take place which is explained in Daniel 11:21-23, you will know you have to wait until the 7th Bowl. Remember, Nahum 1:11 tells us that the wicked counselor (Gog the Assyrian) will COME FORTH from Nineveh which is called AL MAWsil, Iraq today. You know it as Mosul.

  3. Love you Pastor, thanks you so much for you edifying teachings… And preparing us even more, may God continue prospering you and your ministries… Miguel in Rhode Island

  4. So actully your describing how people where in the days of noah, jesus said it will be like the days of noah. Its a repeat of the old testiment, and everytime man became this way god intervened.

  5. Great teaching!!! I love your deep knowledge of the Greek language, being a Greek myself, that gives so much more understanding of the Word. God bless you , your family and ministry brother Renner


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