I Thought I Needed To Change Him! — Denise Renner

Today Denise Renner confronts every wife’s compulsion to change her husband to be what she thinks he needs to be. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

In this series, you’ll discover practical tools and godly wisdom that stand the test of time to ensure your marriage and even your other relationships are filled with more peace, joy, and an abundance of God’s goodness. https://renner.org/product/school-of-cinderella-16-part-series/

In Who Stole Cinderella?, Denise Renner shares why “happily ever after” is not a gift for a selected few, but rather an art that anyone can master who’s willing to learn. With genuine warmth and candor, Denise recounts the journey of her own struggles in marriage and the unique insights she learned along the way to attaining emotional health and happiness. https://renner.org/product/who-stole-cinderella/


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Comment (8)

  1. Help us Abba Father to apologize where we need. Deliver us both… husband and wife…from evil! We need You Pappa God, in our marriage relationship. Only YOU can change us, Holy Spirit. I lovingly submit to You, King Jesus !

  2. The principles discussed in this teaching are not just valuable for strengthening marriages! Our daily challenge: show honor and respect in ALL relationships.


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