I Refuse to Fear | Kenneth Copeland

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  1. Dear Father thank you for this beatiful life beatiful day for the abundance of security that you have put in my heart ,thanks for this prophet ,give me a little bit of security take this fear away from ,amen

  2. I love his statement “Satan demands death but God demands every man have a choice” I can see the anger all over satan & I can see the love of God all over Him. Hallelujah!!!

  3. @Kenneth Copeland Ministries Kenneth i may not always agree with you Bro but i do agree that the Demon of Fear is powerful but he as no POWER when it comes to GOD ! AMAN ! Demons of Fear , Anxiety and Pain is strong ! even Fooled some Christans that God has given them that Fear ,Pain and Anxiety BUT as we know the God is NOT the God that gives Pain and Sufferin ! i Agree AMEN !! God Bless you and stay Safe man !


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