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  1. The topic have to be. I can do all things through Almighty God. pastor Mensah otabil asked who can say he or she is not blessed. Later he said the answer. God gave us everything ( eye's. Legs. Ears . Mouth. Nose. teeth etc). Jesus christ cannot do anything for you unless you obey the commandments God gave him to teach us.

  2. Profound and deep message… Its always my honour to tip in the wisdom of great MoG. He blessed once agar greatly with this message. May God grant you long and healthy life. God bless

  3. To Heavenly Father Most High Great I am that I am Father Most High GOD Almighty Greatest Highest Above Heavens nd the Earth's be all the Glory Adoration Honour Praises nd Blessing in Jesus Christ Mighty name Amen nd Amen nd Amen nd Amen nd Amen

  4. Trusting God and learning
    There was a time my TV stopped working because I had no money I prayed over the TV and it started working. From that day my faith increased. I have learnt. Indeed I can do all things through Christ

  5. Mensa took that scripture out of context, Paul meant that he can live in both scarcity and abundance through Christ who strengthens him, it didn't mean that you and I can do all things such as Mensa has mentioned, all this dominion and prosperity has nothing to do with that scripture, this is why people must read and understand their bibles at home,
    I just can't believe Mr Otabil could sway of the rails like this.


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