How To Use The Faith You Already Have – Oral Roberts

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  1. I been following his Ministry since He was in tents. He had the worlds biggest tents at that time. He walked by faith even being scorn by media or people laugh and called Him crazy. I stood with him in faith. Cause I just knew this man knew that God told him. He's waited 25 yrs. For a promise from God. He knew what God said and knew God would make His promise good. And He The Lord ALWAYS CAME THROUGH. And He still does TODAY

  2. I learned about the life history of this great servant of God in the subject of God's generals of revival.
    Indeed God was doing great works then and He is doing so today Amen

  3. How can you believe this what he's saying come on now people get your Bibles out you don't make points of contact and all that crap your point of contact and faith is the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's it and that's all God y'all please ask God to give you validation read the Bible for yourself

  4. I am so saddened by those wonderful people below who have been commenting on Oral Roberts and how wonderful he is.– I DO believe that God can use anybody, even an evil person… to fulfill His Will, and some can even find Jesus through a person such as this.

    I have been researching for years, how deeply the pedophile/satanic deep state players, how they are interconnected through the Catholic church, the Masonic Lodge, especially the 33rd degree masons, of which Billy Graham was one of those! I just recently discovered that the "white hatted cowboy", loved by many back in the day, "Roy Rodgers" was also a 33rd degree mason. This satanic cult began back when my parents were young, right after WWII, and they used Hollywood to lure people into their web, to be compromised, sexually exploited, then blackmailed so they could be used to gain wealth and power for their GLOBAL network, many refer to today as the deep state, cabal, or Illuminati!

    Billy Graham found, and "groomed" Oral Roberts, and underneath the Oral Roberts University, was a series of underground tunnels… just like under the Vatican and many, many other places around the world… where Satanic child rape/torture/ and sacrifices were being held! It is ONLY during the past few years, with Donald Trump at the helm… that these have been systematically being taken down… just recently!!
    Searching through Oral Roberts own children, you will find a gay son who was eventually found shot in his car. Oral had a hidden life, and a secret god we recognize as Satan.

    All of those persons including my wonderful, grandmother , who was a believer in Jesus Christ, used to watch Oral Roberts. I do remember once or twice when I was in grade school, where she'd commented to my parents that he just seems to want money all the time! LOL

    Now I know why.

    I commented only to inform, not to tear down the people below. I absolutely believe that the Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways and can use this mans old "sermons"… to reach people today.

  5. Amen…I believe that my eyes are healed from glaucoma and sight restored fully…I will live to serve JESUS CHRIST! These prayers are as eternal as Jesus Christ!"

  6. I pray that God will help us have a revival. I pray that God will make possibilities to have evangelical gatherings today like in the only time. God, help people come back to you. Amen.


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