How To Stay Safe From Every Virus | Joseph Prince

With deadly viruses on the rise, the world has every reason to be afraid. But child of God, you need not fear.
This excerpt is from: Protection From Deadly Viruses—Answers From Psalm 91 (9 Feb 2020)

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You and your family are safe in the care and protection of your heavenly Father! In this encouraging message, you’ll get a fresh revelation of God’s promises of protection in Psalm 91 and find assurance and hope for the future. Let fear, panic, and anxiety melt away as you:

• See your heavenly Father covering you with His 360-degree, all-around protection.
• Take hold of Psalm 91, the prayer of protection, and declare it over your family.
• Plead the powerful blood of Jesus against the enemy’s devices.
• Learn to speak life-giving words over yourself and your loved ones.

Beloved, find the answers you need to navigate these dangerous times in God’s steadfast promises of protection for you!

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Comment (20)

  1. Thank you Pastor Prince I praise God for His word Psalm 91 and I thank God for you how simple you make it sound about our blessings in such times that even Christians are behaving as the world with no knowledge of Gods protection Please Christian tell someone or many everyday of Gods protection be blessed my church family “

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN I learned alot here though I always read psalm 91 but I have got more knowledge through your explanation thank you God bless you more.

  3. ABBA YAHUWAH please protect my whole family from all harm dangers evil sin natural manmade calamities maladies disasters plague pestilence earthquakes Praise You ELOHIM AMein

  4. I had a vision some time ago and I was under great feathered wings in a huge nest. The atmosphere was pure and unlike anything I have ever experienced. I found great peace which has never left me. I have since found Psalm 91 and know it was exactly what the passage describing.


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