How To Stay In Faith — Rick Renner


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  1. A WORD in season in the face of all those things currently enduring. Before the persecution I remember GOD speaking to me audibly "you have need of patience" and of CHRIST speaking out of my spirit "Rejoice I have overcome the world". THE WORD Satan is battling me over is this "While in a fivefold leaders conference about 12 years ago we were in worship when I began to have an open vision of objects, places, an entity under a pool of blood dragging a bone picked of human flesh" later to understand it to be the war in Afganistan and the battle with drug lords. Next my ears were open to the worship of Angels around the Throne of GOD when GOD SPOKE "TELL MY PEOPLE TO COME OUT OF THE VALLEY AND INTO THE HIGH PLACES" Zech 14 and the End time battle. I have endured all those things including loss of home employment and broken marriage. But by faith I live IN HIM to do HIS WILL. All help in the faith to do HIS WILL in this matter to preach to teach to instruct and to warn … to empower because more recently I saw The Devil (not a devil but the Devil a terrible beast follow a group of 3 men enter a room, an image of a person with burnt flesh (An entity) followed by The Devil – the perception atomic weaponary deal – the time of the End is near the word can change history and push this back in time one generation so the number of them is secured. I was laying down under the weight of this onslaught. But GOD IS COVERING with HIS cloud, the arch angel is removing opposition and I rely on GOD by faith in patience that HE WILL empower to do HIS WILL. May GOD ARISE and let HIS enemies be scattered. May the KINGDOM OF HOD COME HIS WILL BE DONE.

  2. Haloo Sir, my name is James from KENYA you have been a great teacher to me,your teaching always inspire and helped to completely transformed me i once once lost infact very lost but you helped me find my way back.i am forever greatful


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