How to Stand Firm for God's Promise — Rick Renner

Do you know what God’s promises are for you? Do you know how to truly grab hold of them and see them manifest in your life? Join Rick Renner as he teaches you how to stand firm and receive all that God has for you in this important Bible teaching. See more teaching from Rick Renner here –
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  1. I PRAISE ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH, YAHWEH for you and your family! I thank Him for loving you and your family and protecting you and giving us Utube so we can hear the Word of Truth through you and your family, as well as Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and many other balanced faith teachers, Prophets! My Pastor Bill McNeese, is also a Rhema graduate and I love him and his family and their teachings too! God has given me supernatural Joy through trials that come against me!
    Bless you and your family and ministry exceedingly! Love in Him, Ree


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