How To Get All Your Prayers Answered Quickly! | Guillermo Maldonado

Guillermo Maldonado has all his prayers answered…very quickly. Are you interested in knowing how he approaches God? In knowing your prayers are being answered?
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Prayer is a place in the spirit where you express your love for the Father and rest in His personal space. Regardless of the setting, you become a “house of prayer.” Breakthrough Prayer is about Guillermo Maldonado’s own lessons that he never saw coming but realized were essential in over 20 years of ministry. Including —

• Personal two-way communication with the Father
• How to carry momentum in your prayer life
• How to have all your prayers answered in line with God’s will and His Word

Breakthrough Prayer and its companion journal Supernatural Breakthrough are meant to draw us closer to the Father as children of light even as we draw closer to the day of Messiah’s return!

And as you find your place of prayer Guillermo’s powerful teaching Flowing in the Supernatural will give you fresh direction as you realize God’s authority is greater than laws of nature and your circumstances. Watch God move!

Special bonus! With your online purchase, you will also receive access to a downloadable digital version of the CD after checkout.

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is the founder of King Jesus International Ministry. Active in ministry for over twenty years, he is a spiritual father to more than 350 churches in 50 countries.

▶▶Get your copy of Breakthrough Prayer by Guillermo Maldonado:

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Comment (30)

  1. Here’s what I have a problem with. The Bible says that God’s wish is for us to be prosperous and in good health. THATS HIS WILL!!! If you’re sick, God MUST heal all. No if, and, or but! If God heals one but not the other, He is showing respect of persons.

  2. Thank you lord to build my faith through this video I can't stop crying seing a child been restored with a new heart It made me think about your love my jesus thank you sid for bringing Guillermo

  3. Prayer with amazing results are usually offered with this unique prayer guidebook “Kenοtοw Prayer” (Google it). The 1st time I tried it, it worked well to me. It really is demonstrated here precisely how to have your prayers answered and how to find the much better reply we wanted to have. Besides from it is clearly written, you can find steps to adhere to also. It is undoubtedly life changing and gives you hope all over again and also very clear results. .

  4. Give me my answers God. I’m waiting. The house and lands are sold this week in Jesus name. My dad is healed. My family and friends become believers today in Jesus name and I’m debt free in Jesus name!!! Miracles are being done by our faith. We are all yours God

  5. Prayers cannot be heard quickly. God will test your patience and see how faithful you are. He is not a genie in a bottle to help you. He is the king of Kings. You need to fast a lot give up a lot things that are related to the flesh. You false prophets God will judge you.

  6. Glory to God , Thank u Lord for healing this little boy .it means a lot to we ur children . Am believing God for a financial breakthrough for my home

  7. I received my healing and my miracles now, and it happened now and it going happened bigger in the morning. Praise the Lord God and I'll be able to give y'all prais report in Jesus Christ might name

  8. What happened to Guillermo in the elevator explains to me what has been happening to me and my spouse for 20 years in our ministry.
    People who are of the darkness hate the people of the light.
    We have endured 20 years of attacks and persecution for no reason that we can figure out. If we were bad people, they would love us. This explains so many things. Thank you so very, very much.

  9. This is the power and presence that followed Charles and Frances Hunter everywhere they went on the planet. I am so happy that this man is bringing this in English and Spanish all over the world as well.

  10. I'm asking for prayers to add to mine. Please help. I'm in a controlled relationship with a narcissist who even controls my social, religious, and financial facets of my life. I ask for a vehicle, insurance, and money to leave for a different home far from him. Please I ask for any voice and heart to call out in support of my requests. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.


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