How to abide in the presence: The Presence of God Revealed.

Your miracle begins in the presence of God. The best place we could be in days of trouble and crisis, is His presence. Where we have fullness of all things, where we find rest and joy.
In Sunday’s message I touch on these points and more:
1. What is the presence of God?
2. The purpose of the presence of God?
3. When is it manifested/revealed?
4. What do we do when His presence comes?

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Comment (35)

  1. Great salutes to you Apostle.
    I love you so much, becouse i love the teaching so much revolution. And i found like minded. I listen your massage more these days Pastor.
    Thank yoh veey much may God bless king Jesus ministry's.

  2. Only the weak and the wounded listen to this bullshit. Only does this guy makes what a psychopath makes up in his head make millions believe like it’s nórmal.

  3. The presence of God is the person of God present (and revealed). Awesome.

    This reminds me of when I was at a family reunion in 2001. All my siblings and cousins went out to the nearby eatery/bar to hear a local band in the evening one night. Though I hadn’t seen many of those cousins for a long time, I was led to stay back in the cabin 5 of us were staying in to read the Bible, pray, seek the Lord, and pray for a sibling and cousins salvation. Another part of the reason was I discerned something wrong in the main building (mansion) on the island we were on. Though we were sleeping in a different building I was being drawn to seek the Lord. Actually now that I think about it, the name of the Island we were on was Apostle Island so previous Christian exploits had happened there in times past. But still I discerned something that made me feel the need to press into God.

    The other reason I felt strong about seeking the Lord instead of being with family to hear the band was because I was going to be sharing a room with siblings (one of which has yet to be saved). As I was reading the Word, all of a sudden I found myself praying, “Lord, please make your presence known.” I had never asked him quite like that before.

    I was only 21 at the time and was sharing a king sized bed with my oldest sister (who was not yet saved). I was also a hard sleeper at the time and always slept thru the night without waking to anything. In response to my prayer, all of a sudden in the middle of the night I woke up to a bright light in the room and an angel standing next to the bed. I just saw the shoulders & below. The angelic being was beaming with light. All I know was I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs, woke my sister (in bed next to me), and then turned, bundled in covers to hide myself, & went back to sleep.

    The Lord came and made His presence known in an awesome way confirming what I believed in my heart.

  4. Goodday pastor for myself it's taking long to heal I want from church to church but I still have anger rebellion ND bitterness present in my life. I must forgive ND forget ND move on

  5. Oh Apostle thank you for this. Psalm 27 is always read daily for the 30 days approaching Rosh Hannah by Hebrew congregations around the world. I LOVE that you bring this to the Church! Wait and hope for and expect the Lord. Be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait and hope for and expect the Lord. Psalm 27:14

  6. How does it feel to know your God which is president you convinced your church to vote for & continue to vote for knowing that this virus was a real killer…do you still choose life or your trump dollars you received…you will turn your head for dollars

  7. Great sermon, my only concern is why the church is in darkness all the beauty of the altar is take away , why are the evangelical churches preaching in the dark? . It is not about the cameras they have always been cameras, God is light not darkness. KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK PASTOR MALDONADO.


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