How the Devil Seeks To Take You Down — Rick Renner

The devil is seeking a legal entrance into your life. What loophole is he seeking to get into your personal affairs? Don’t miss this important program today with Rick Renner. To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE.

There is an enemy trying to penetrate your life, but you can build a strong barricade to keep those evil forces on the outside. This ten-part series will give you practical steps to keep the devil out of your house, your health, and your finances.

“The whole armor of God” that worked so effectively for these early believers is the very same set of spiritual armor worn by the Church of Jesus Christ today. Just as these early Christians were fully equipped with the whole armor of God for the troubles of their day, we also have the whole armor of God to live victoriously for Jesus Christ during our day. And this armor still works just as effectively as it did then!


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  1. The prosecutor also likes to bring up the past even if you have repented and dealt with that thing. He wants you to feel depressed, condemned, scared, and guilty 24/7. You have to fight back against that too! You have to remind him that you are forgiven, pardoned, the fine paid by the blood of Jesus your defense attorney. If he tries to come against you without cause, you have to call on the authority of Gods Word, induct a restraining order, and remind him that he has no jurisdiction in your life. Paul said "When I want to do good, evil is right there with me." If you think he will go away, think again. God is always with you too!

  2. Consider you Rick to be my mentor; however, 1st John 1:9 was not written to those who believed that Jesus did infact come in the Flesh but to gnostics. See chap 4 and 2nd John for proof. analyze the first sentence in 1Jn1 and see.


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