How Many Frogs Do You Have to Kiss to Find a Prince | Dr. Bill Winston

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  1. So what if you married totally opposite of what Dr. Bill Winston said? is your marriage doomed? because I'm having some serious issues right now in mine.

  2. Found you today! Do you have a related sermon for people like me? I was sure my ex was a gift from God to me. He turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing aka Narcissist/Psychopath/demon possessed. I'm in my early 50s and don't desire to remain single the rest of my life, though I will be taking ample time to heal what I've recently removed myself from. Hope is one of the things I lost with the ex and need it back. I am however, willing to wait for the Kingdom to enjoy the right mate if necessary. How to distinguish between the real and the fake (devil parading as an angel of light) would be very helpful. Thank you.


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