How I Cancel The International Conference of Witches by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

How I Cancel The International Conference of Witches by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

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Comment (42)

  1. You are not dead your messages is till active you are my papa archbishop Idahosa Benson you are always alive i am blessed with your blessings where ever you are remember me and blessed me please my lord arcbishop Idahosa Benson I love you so much

  2. Jesus!!!! But Idahosa sabi liar oh. Oh, they put this recording online now, because they think only young people are alive now???

    Idahosa here was talking of Chief Priest Ebohon. I saw the interview. Dr. Orobator was the host, in his program on BTV. And we all saw it. Dr. Ebohon challenged Idahosa to say "you can not cast a spell on me to become a toad", and Idahosa was there saying "thou shall not tempt thy Lord thy God". And Dr. Orobator said to them, "gentlemen, we don't want a toad in the studio". All was just a sham. A scam to mystify spiritual “Mgbadas” … Original Lie, lie.

    Both Idahosa and Ebohon were just doing stunts, promoting themselves. An arranged interview naim this one take de boast to oyinbo people? If witches want to meet, they need visas?
    He was just lying to foreigners because there was no internet then. He should have said this nonsense in Benin City and would have been ridiculed by everyone. By the way, Chief Priest Osemwegie Ebohon is still very much alive, practicing his “witchcraft and Juju”, if you don’t know.

  3. My service in Benson Idahosa University wasn't a coincident… As I mark a new year tomorrow, a new level of anointing will be released for ministry and purpose fulfillment!


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