How God Taught Me About Prosperity – Keith Moore on Kenneth E. Hagin’s Book

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  1. I'm on this like a dog on a meaty bone!! Had countless healing and miracles throughout the years….finances "seemed" blocked. Here is my answer. Bye block

  2. Am I wrong in thinking that whatever The Lord says is equal to Scripture? If The Lord said it, it's His Word isn't it? Can I confidently treat what The Lord said to Mr. Hagin as God's Word?

  3. interesting to read the detractors of this truth ignoring the testimonies of those who are enjoying the fruit of it.
    My experience of God watching over His Word to perform it for me and my family…versus the ones who live defeated lives of lack and want and say "this doesnt work"…
    Hmmm…who to heed?

  4. It's important to sow in order to have money in our Heavenly bank account to draw on. I've learned it's not just one reason people aren't prospering. They aren't taught and don't know how to manage the process from need/desire to the manifestation. Most Pastors probably haven't understood it. We need to be under the covering of a very mature Pastor who has achieved himself and can teach it and show us how to manifest the same. Mentors are vital to our lives, whether it be spiritual, business, marriage, or whatever we're needing to manifest. I have learned that knowledge is vital to increasing financially. Blessings to everyone here.

  5. It works! I was told that my tax return were going to be taken and I really NEEDED the money. So driving home I felt impressed to put into action what I read in this little book Keith is speaking of. I was a little hesitant but I had nothing to loose! So I laid claim to the tax amount from my refund to come to me and commanded satan to take his hands off and loosed the mustering Angel's to go and cause the money to come and it did!!


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