How Faith Works part 4

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  1. This is the absolute best teaching on faith. I'm acting on this teaching and I'm experiencing this TRUTH daily. I'm so happy. God is absolutely awesome. The word works if you work it accordingly.
    Thx God for Dr.Price breaking it down where anybody can understand it and walk in it.

  2. I'm so tired of people saying how do you know if the Bible works? If you can go and purchase an item from somewhere to see if it works, then, open your Bible and try it's principles for yourself, to see if it works. Then you will have an answer.

  3. Fred Price makes God out to be some sort of Pimp or Italian Godfather by teaching that you have to fork over the $$$$$$ to get blessings from God….AND if you don't pay up and give God your "protection money" then you will be cursed…get sick….loose your job or your health….or worse God will kill one of your family members because you did not send in that $1000 "seed money"…..etc….etc…..WHAT kind of sick version of God do you pinheads who follow Fred Price worship? WHERE did Jesus extort MONEY from his followers? WHERE is is written in the Bible that Jesus made his disciples fork over the cash so He could ride in expensive chariots or wear designer robes?

  4. Great preaching the Word of God Always makes the best message and I love the Pastor Fred he brings it I mean if we aren’t going to believe the word of God and do it then what are we doing people?


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