Higher Level Thinking – Healing Your Wounded Soul

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  1. Thank Pastor Winston. Satan is already defeated. We don’t have to fight him anymore. I get it. The Cross sums it up. Jesus “will not” die for that again. Amen.

  2. It is God's will that we appropriate His healing power in our lives not only for our physical body but also for our soul! Many fail to appropriate this healing in their lives due to not surrendering the wounds to the Lord and choosing man's way of healing; which is to go on medication. Medication, antidepressants can only deal with the symptoms and not the root of the problems.

  3. Amen and Amen! I will write every book that God gives me. I will preach and lay hands on barren women, on young mothers all over the world. Traveling and releasing an anointing of Grace into the lives of mothers all over the world!! Traveling with my family as we all utilize our gifts for the kingdom!!! Halellujah!! Thank you for this word!

  4. With God all things are possible. I keep that in mind and speak life to myself. I am what I say I am. I'm intelligent, successful at everything I do, wealthy, rich, blessed, healed, healthy, fit, active, favored with God and man, happily married, business owner, stress free in Jesus Name.

  5. Speak things that be not as though they are. Speak the promises of God believe them and in due season you will reap the harvest ..

  6. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! I see myself happy, healthy, and prosperous….traveling first class all over the world with my Husband! THIS IS MY SEASON!


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